Cocktails For The Craic – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With These Irish-themed Cocktails!

Looking beyond a pint of Guinness (or five), we’ve put together a collection of classic Irish cocktails which makes the best use of the fine bottles that hail from the emerald isle, from an Irish take on an Old Fashioned through to Irish-Flag themed shooters. Pass the Baileys!

Irish Coffee

Serve this up in an Irish coffee glass, or if you don’t have one to hand, it tastes just as good in your favourite mug!

You will need:


Mix the whiskey and syrup together at the bottom of your glass/mug and pour coffee over while stirring continuously during the pour, leaving space at the top of your glass for the cream

Finally aim your whipped cream in the centre of your glass and swirl out while spraying for an even floated top

Garnish with grated nutmeg

Irish Old Fashioned

Swap traditional Bourbon with premium Irish Whiskey – for this we selected Jameson Black Barrel – aged in double-charred oak for a depth of oaky flavour.

You will need:


Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass until the sugar syrup is fully dissolved

Add ice to your mixing glass and stir again until the outside of the glass is cold

Strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube or ice ball

Garnish with an orange twist

Shamrocked Shooter

Bright green Midori is the star of this boozy shooter – melon and Irish cream may sound like an off-the-wall combo, but you will be pleasantly surprised!  

For a round of four shooters

You will need:


Add everything to a cocktail shaker loaded with ice and shake until the outside of the shaker is cold.

Using the strainer in your shaker, carefully pour the green liquid into 4 shot or shooter glasses

Irish Maid

A sweet and simple serve blending Irish whiskey with delicious elderflower liqueur and a cucumber twist, bringing a surprisingly refreshing edge to Irish whiskey.

You will need:


Muddle the cucumber at the bottom of a cocktail shaker, releasing the flavours and juices

Now add the rest of the ingredients with ice and shake through until the outside of the shaker is cold

Strain into a rocks glass over cubed ice

Black Velvet

It sounds weird, but we promise it tastes brilliant! Add a touch of class to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with this half-and-half blend of the infamous Irish stout and fine champagne.

You will need:


Add the Guinness first to the bottom of the flute and top with champagne.

Irish Flag Shooter

Show your patriotic side with this shooter that’s hit both with the eyes and the tastebuds – the layering can be a bit tricky but the middle layer of Baileys creates a middle ‘wall’ to float the final liqueur.

You will need:


Layer the three liqueurs to make an Irish flag inside the shot glass, starting with the Crème De Menthe.

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