Golden Rum



Covering the ‘in between’ between white and dark rums, golden rums often have a mellow flavour, less sweet & more fragrant than their dark rum cousins.

Golden rums have a huge variety of flavour and complexity from brand-to-brand & blend-to-blend, so explore our wide range below...

Golden rums get their amber patina from aging in oak sherry casks, where liquid is trapped in the barrel, gains colour and woody notes before being mixed in the rum as the barrel ‘breathes’.

Golden rums are usually a skilful blend of rums, with rum blenders assuring the notes from the separate expressions blend to create a smooth and mellow flavour.

At VIP Bottles, we stock popular golden rums including Havana Club Anejo Especial, Goslings Gold Seal and blends from around the world, including Venezuela’s Diplomatico Reserva and Don Papa from the Philippines.
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