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At VIP bottles, we stock an ever-changing range of Canadian whiskies, including Canadian Club and the famous Crown Royal Canadian Whisky range.

While not having the same name recognition as bourbon over the border, Canadian whisky has its own distinct history and style which has birthed some legendary brands.

Canadian whisky is traditionally made from a rye mash, as rye is a hardy crop which can survive the harsh Canadian winters. Modern Canadian whisky starts with a spirit distilled from a mix of three grains, which is then blended with a rich, dark rye whisky which carries a strong flavour and caramel colour.

This blend creates a light-coloured whisky packed with flavour. Rye introduces fruity, spicy and gourmand notes of toffee to the corn-led notes of vanilla and oak in the base spirit.
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  • The Hiram Walker distillery – which produces Canadian Club – was literally on the shores of the Detroit River on the Canadian border. Al Capone was a frequent visitor.
  • Canadian whisky was the best-selling whisky in the United States from 1865 until 2010, when bourbon took over.
  • All whiskies from Canada can be classed as ‘rye whisky’, even if there is no rye involved in the blend.
Canada started distilling whisky in 1832, introduced via English and German immigrants who replaced traditional barley with a mixture of corn, wheat and rye.

Canadian whisky suddenly became a precious commodity when prohibition of the sale of alcohol passed in neighbouring USA. Though 70% of the market was lost overnight, contraband Canadian whisky became the tipple of choice at illegal speakeasies across the country.

The Detroit River, which marks the boundary between Michigan and Canada, became known as the ‘river of booze’.

Canada’s best-known whisky, Canadian Royal, was created in 1939 to mark a visit from King George VI & The Queen Mother to Canada’s shores. It remains popular across the globe, known for its darker rye notes.
What is Canadian Whisky made from?

Canadian whisky is blended from a mixture of grains – corn, wheat and rye.

Which spelling do you use for Canadian Whisky?

Canadian Whisky follows the -y not -ey spelling.

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