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At VIP Bottles, we stock a wide range of beers & ciders that deliver classic flavour with zero or low alcohol.

With an ever-growing selection that includes industry icons such as Beck’s, Peroni, Erdinger and Heineken, browse our bottles for the finest non-alcoholic beers & ciders.

Over the past several years, a huge increase in demand for high-quality low and no drinks has generated innovative new production techniques that mean an alcohol-free bottle of your favourite booze can taste just like the real thing.

There are a variety of methods to make alcohol-free beers & ciders, including vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, and arrested fermentation.

Vacuum distillation is one of the most popular techniques, in which traditional ingredients such as hops, barley, apples, and yeast are brewed to create an alcoholic drink before removing the alcohol by heating the liquid. To avoid marring the taste of the beverage, most breweries “vacuum distil” the liquid using special equipment which evaporates alcohol content at much lower temperatures.

Many breweries also use various methods of “arrested fermentation” which inhibit the production of alcohol. In beers and ciders, alcohol is produced when yeast breaks down sugars. This biological process can be halted by lowering sugar content, using special strains of yeast that don’t create alcohol, or keeping brewing temperatures cold so that the yeast remains inactive.

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