Founded by Don Facundo in 1862 in Cuba, Bacardi now operates the largest rum distillery in the world – now based in Puerto Rico. Its Carta Blanca white rum is at the heart of some of the most popular cocktails in the world – the Cuba Libre and the Mojito.

With the success of Carta Blanca came a huge range of new rums – including its Oakheart spiced expression, golden Carta Oro and a range of flavoured rums. VIP Bottles stocks the full Bacardi range, including canned Bacardi cocktails and its pre-batched rum cocktail range.
Bacardi is best known for its iconic Carta Blanca rum, which transformed the rum landscape in 1862. Charcoal infiltration, using cognac yeast for fermentation and oak barrel aging were a triple-gamechanger for white rum production, adding notes of almond and vanilla and an unrivalled smoothness, which quickly made it the most popular white rum on the planet.
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