VSOP Cognac



VSOP stands for ‘Very Superior Old Pale’ or ‘Very Special Old Pale’ crafted from a blend of eaux-de-vie which need to be at least four years old. This classification can also be referred to as ‘Old’ or ‘Reserve’.

VIP Bottles stock a wide range of VSOP blends from famous cognac houses including Remy Martin, Hine, Courvoisier and the original blend requested by King George IV from Hennessy. Grab your favourite VSOP Cognac today.

VSOP Cognac exists thanks to King George IV, who made a request of the House of Hennessy for a ‘Very superior old pale’ – this soon became the standard across cognac houses.

While the youngest eaux-de-vie in the blend needs to be at least four years old, many superior VSOP blends will include older eaux-de-vie in the blend. It is a Master Blender’s job to find a harmonious blend.

VSOP blends have a smooth quality, with expanded time spend maturing in oak barrels leads to a sip filled with woody, oaky and spiced notes, captured in a dark amber liquid. VSOP blends can be appreciated neat and can also add a potent kick to a first-class cocktail.
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