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At VIP Bottles, we stock a range of Irish Whiskies, including expressions from legendary brands Jameson & Tullamore Dew and newcomers including Connor McGregor’s Proper Twelve Whiskey.

Irish Whiskey holds a reputation for its flavour and quality, and many are triple-distilled and aged for at least three years in a variety of casks and barrels. This results in a sip that is smooth, light, fruity and layered with elegant woody notes.

Irish Whiskey came before Scotch, but nearly faced extinction in the 20th century, with just two distilleries operating in Ireland in 1966.

Thankfully, Irish Whiskey regained its foothold and has seen not only a survival, but a new boom has arrived, with Ireland holding the reputation as one of the finest whiskey producers in the world.

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  • It is not clear where the ‘e’ came from in the alternative Irish spelling of whiskey, though some food historians claim it was used to differentiate itself from the poor-quality Scotch whisky being produced in the 19th century. Some Scots will passionately disagree!
  • The world’s oldest licensed distillery is Ireland’s Bushmills distillery, founded in 1608.
  • The father of Irish Whiskey, John Jameson, was born in Scotland!
What can you mix Irish whiskey with?

Irish whiskey is known for its lighter taste, making it versatile for mixers – Irish whiskey mixes brilliantly with water, coke, ginger beer, lemonade and of course makes a perfect Irish coffee.

How many Irish whiskeys are there?

Ireland once had over 1,000 distilleries before the industry was hit hard. There are currently 32 distilleries operating in Ireland with around 175 brands (and growing!) of Irish whiskey available.

Is Irish whiskey the same as Scotch?

No. Scotch is created in Scotland to its own set of rules, whereas Irish whiskey must be distilled in Ireland.

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