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Missing Patron XO Café? Try Our Coffee-Infused Alternatives You Can Buy Today & Shoot Tomorrow

RIP to a legend. The alcohol world was shook last week by Bacardi’s announcement that its popular coffee-infused tequila Patron XO Café is set to be discontinued. A popular blend of premium agave tequila and Arabica coffee, Patron Café has grown a huge cult following as the chilled shot to have on a night out. […]

Espresso Martinis – Six Twists On The World’s Favourite Coffee Cocktail

Rich, intense and creamy… an espresso martini always hits the spot. This delicious coffee and vodka blend has exploded in popularity over the past five years, especially among those who love a good caffeine kick. Since its creation in the 80s, the espresso martini has grown so popular that it’s been given its own day […]