Missing Patron XO Café? Try Our Coffee-Infused Alternatives You Can Buy Today & Shoot Tomorrow

RIP to a legend.

The alcohol world was shook last week by Bacardi’s announcement that its popular coffee-infused tequila Patron XO Café is set to be discontinued.

A popular blend of premium agave tequila and Arabica coffee, Patron Café has grown a huge cult following as the chilled shot to have on a night out.

Despite its popularity, Patron XO Café’s days are numbered (though Patron’s iconic tequila range still lives on), and plenty took to social media to express their profound dismay.

At VIP Bottles, we are also sad to see one of our favourite shooters go, but Patron XO Café’s cult status has led to other tequila brands such as Cazcabel to release their own coffee-infused take on tequila.

Coffee has grown into a trending flavour to have in our boozy drinks, thanks to both the meteoric rise of the Espresso Martini and the popularity of coffee-flavoured shots.

We’ve gathered the best coffee-flavoured tequilas and other spirits available here at VIP Bottles to help fill that Patron XO Café-shaped hole in your heart.

The spirit of Patron XO Café lives on in these bottles.

(As always, everything is available with next day delivery!)

Cazcabel Coffee Tequila 70cl


Cazcabel Coffee Tequila

At VIP, we believe this is the closest alternative to Patron XO Café on the market. The same unmistakeable blend of earthy premium tequila and arabica coffee, with sweet notes of chocolate and vanilla.

Kraken Black Roast Coffee Rum

Picture of Kraken Black Roast Coffee Rum

Kraken Black Rum quickly became a huge name among rum fans since its launch in 2010. This coffee-infused version, bottled at 66.6 proof, is a delicious blend of eleven classic Caribbean spices and a dose of natural coffee essence. Dark and complex, this makes a beautiful shot.

Conker Cold Brew

Crafted in the UK, Conker Cold Brew is the liqueur which is serious about coffee. Its pleasantly bittersweet flavour comes from a precise blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans, each roasted in different styles to bring the best out of the flavour within.


The classic coffee liqueur and an official Espresso Martini ingredient, Kahlua is an icon on its own. A smooth and sweet rum-based Mexican coffee liqueur with notes of treacle and all-spice.

Borghetti Espresso Liquor

Coffee fans will love this, which is Italy’s bestselling liqueur. Crafted from a blend of Arabian and Robusta coffees, this is a sweet and smoky number which works perfectly as a chilled shot.

Dead Man’s Fingers Coffee Rum

One of the huge range of flavours available from the Cornish rum company, the blend of rum and coffee continues to be a winner with this hit flavour. Notes of vanilla, rum-soaked raisins, chocolate orange and freshly-brewed coffee has made this a popular flavoured rum.

Bottega Espresso Liqueur

A lighter sip at 20% ABV, this Italian Liqueur is a sweet blend of Italian grappa spirit and freshly brewed Espresso. Dark and creamy, this is perfect as a chilled shot or to be used to create a decadent Espresso Martini.


Coming Soon…

We also have even more coffee-infused spirits coming to VIP Bottles in the near future. Add your name to the waitlist for…

Black Fire Coffee Tequila Liqueur

Another coffee tequila blend that fans of Patron XO Café will love, Black Fire offers something a little different – a fiery kick of chilli that is bound to wake you up!

Made with half the sugar of most coffee liqueurs and made with raw cacao extract, Black Fire has a drier flavour profile with hints of dark chocolate and Mexican chilli on the finish. 


Jägermeister Cold Brew

We think this is set to be the hottest chilled shot on the market – the original German herbal liqueur has been infused with cold brew espresso and a touch of cacao for an intense flavour burst that aromatic, spicy, sweet and rich.



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