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Missing Patron XO Café? Try Our Coffee-Infused Alternatives You Can Buy Today & Shoot Tomorrow

RIP to a legend. The alcohol world was shook last week by Bacardi’s announcement that its popular coffee-infused tequila Patron XO Café is set to be discontinued. A popular blend of premium agave tequila and Arabica coffee, Patron Café has grown a huge cult following as the chilled shot to have on a night out. […]

How to Make a White Russian

White Russian Cocktail Recipe

Boozy, caffeinated, and luxuriously creamy, the White Russian is an unequivocal cocktail classic. Made from a simple recipe of vodka, cream, and coffee liqueur, this drink is thankfully as easy to prepare as it is delicious.   The White Russian first appeared in the 1960s as a twist on its cream-free predecessor, the Black Russian. Contrary to what their names would suggest, the Black Russian was invented in […]