So, What Tonic Should I Be Using For My G&T Anyway?

It’s a great time to be alive for G&T lovers, with more innovative gins and flavoured tonics available than ever before. But, while a wealth of options is definitely nice, it can also become a little overwhelming.

If you’ve recently picked up a new bottle of gin and you want to make sure you’re using the perfect tonic to compliment it, you can always be sure you’re in safe hands with the undisputed masters of mixers: Schweppes.

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Having been in the business for over 235 years, Schweppes certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to tonic. Their Classic range includes some of the world’s most iconic mixers, and the newer Signature selection is changing the game with some truly unique tastes to elevate your gin picks.

So, if you’re looking to achieve the ultimate gin & tonic pairing, enjoy this guide to our favourite Schweppes flavours and how you can use them to create a match made in heaven.


Schweppes Indian Tonic Water


Schweppes gin and tonic


Pairs perfectly with… 

Let’s begin with the ultimate classic: Schweppes Indian Tonic Water. 

Sweet, citrusy, and bursting with signature quinine flavour, this fizz remains the first choice for gin lovers all over the world and is instantly recognisable as the G&T base.  

While it may not be ground-breaking in itself, Indian Tonic Water provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with your pairings. 

We recommend using this quintessential tonic as a blank canvas for trying out that bold new bottle of flavoured gin you’ve had your eye on. 


Schweppes Signature Salty Lemon Tonic Water


lemon cocktail


Pairs perfectly with… 

A rarity from their Signature range, Schweppes Salty Lemon Tonic Water is a treat for those with an adventurous palate.  

Bearing a refined blend of citrus and a subtle hint of saline, Salty Lemon Tonic is guaranteed to bring sensational depths to any G&T. 

It will pair particularly well with punchy, herb-heavy gins such as those from Gin Mare and Portobello Road.  

Spiced gins would also work brilliantly with an added touch of Salty Lemon. Ophir’s Arabian Gin, infused with Persian Black Lemon and hot Timut Pepper, would make for a very distinguished pairing. 


Schweppes Bitter Lemon Tonic


gin and tonic with lemon


Pairs perfectly with… 

For those who prefer a more traditional lemony base, go for Schweppes Bitter Lemon Tonic. Bringing the perfect citrus bite, this tonic is superb at uplifting any gin with its brilliantly refreshing zestiness.  

With a sharp mix of zingy lemon and sparkling bubbles, Bitter Lemon is especially good at enhancing very herbaceous or floral gins.  

Made with a higher quantity of botanicals than most blends, Aviation American Gin is one such spirit that benefits from a light citrus base. Likewise, the sultry earthiness of sloe gin is best supported by Schweppes Bitter Lemon.  


Schweppes Slimline Elderflower Tonic Water


gin and tonic with elderflower  

Pairs perfectly with… 

An elegant tonic that’s delicious on its own (but better in a G&T, naturally), Schweppes Tonic Water with Elderflower is infused with the subtlest floral sweetness.  

Delicate hints of elderflower merge with a classic quinine palate to create a brilliant taste of balmy summer evenings – all while boasting low calories and zero sugar.   

For a bev that’s bursting with style, pair Elderflower Tonic with a light fruity gin.  

Its uniquely floral flavours are also worth savouring as a standalone. Serve with one of our premium unflavoured gins, including the new Gordon’s Alcohol Free if you want the taste but not the buzz.  


Schweppes Signature Cucumber Tonic Water


G&T with cucumber garnish


Pairs perfectly with… 

A stand-out from their new Signature range, it doesn’t get cooler than Schweppes Cucumber. This blend infuses the classic recipe with natural cucumber essence to create a delightfully clean and refreshing base.  

Delivering an almost grass-like freshness, Signature Cucumber Tonic Water is the perfect formula for balancing out zesty, fruity gins.  

The Japanese Nikka Coffey Gin would make a great pairing with its ultra-zingy flavours of yuzu and shikuwasa.  

For another vibrant G&T, try serving with the limited edition Gooseberry Gin from Whitley Neill.  


Schweppes Ginger Ale 


gin and ginger cocktail


Pairs perfectly with… 

Okay, so maybe it’s not technically a tonic, but we just couldn’t resist tempting you to turn your next G&T into a G&G.  

Using ginger ale is the perfect way to infuse your drink with a spicy, aromatic touch while still getting the refreshing bubbliness you want from a tonic water.  

With its tangy, peppery character, ginger ale is at its best when complimenting equally exotic gins.  

Opihr Spiced Gin would be a brilliant choice, offering a rare blend of cubeb berry, coriander, grapefruit peel, and black pepper.  

For a fruiter feeling, bring a touch of ginger heat to the exquisite flavour of Greenall’s Blood Orange and Fig Gin.  


If this list has got you excited to design your own special pairing, go ahead and explore our full range of gins and mixersWe hope you find your perfect match! 

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