How To Take A Shot Of Tequila

 You’re at a bar with your closest friends and you’re all deciding on what to drink. You’re still looking over the cocktail menu when that one friend says the two dreaded words you didn’t want to hear… 

 ”Tequila shots!”  

 Now you have no choice but to drink because the deed has been done.  

 But are you shooting tequila the correct way? 

How to shoot a shot of tequila the classic way  

Whether it’s mixed into a classic cocktail or waiting to be sipped neat, tequila is a versatile drink. However, most people would argue that it’s best drank as a shot. To shoot your tequila shot in the traditional way, you will need the following: 


  • A pinch of salt (sea salt or cooking salt) 
  • A shot of tequila (45ml) 
  • Lime wedge 

To drink the tequila shot in right way all you have to do is remember the 3S’;Salt, Shot and Squeeze”.  

Taking A Salt & Lime Tequila Shot – A Step-by-Step Guide

  1.  Dampen the back of your hand by licking between the index finger and thumb. 
  2. Add a pinch of salt to this patch and lick it off. 
  3. Instantly shoot your tequila shot.
  4. Quickly bite and squeeze on your lime wedge.  



The salt helps to reduce the burning sensation of tequila and the fresh lime juice adds balance to the flavour by providing a fruity and sourly flair, to enhance the overall taste. 


Alternate methods for drinking this fine spirit 

Although the classic way is the most popular method, there are alternatives for shooting your tequila. If the idea of licking salt off the back of your hand grosses you out, then we have you covered. Instead, coat the rim of your shot glass with the salt and feel the bitter flavour fuse with the smoothness of tequila. A clean shot and a clean hand too, it’s a no-brainer. 

If you’re not a fan of salt, then use sugar as a substitute for a sweeter styled shot.  

The traditional tequila shot may be the favoured choice, but why not give it the upgrade it deserves by trying it out with new combinations of flavours.  

If you’re a lover of coffee why not try a “Wake the Dead”, a blend of an espresso shot, coffee liqueur and tequila. A vivacious shooter, guaranteed to make you the life of the party. 

Ready to heat things up? Try the “Prairie Fire” shooter, a mix of gold tequila and hot Tabasco sauce. Mix one-part hot sauce to two parts tequila and you have a shot that redefines fiery. A hit for those who love a little spice in life.  

 There you have it, a breakdown on how to drink neat tequila… we certainly think it’s worth a shot!  

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