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11 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes To Warm You Up In Winter

As it is officially sweater weather, nothing is cosier than snuggling up by the fireplace with a thick knitted blanket and sipping on a mug of hot cocoa. Now, imagine that amazing cup of chocolate upgraded with a boozy beverage! Our mixologists at VIP Bottles have created a list of 11 Boozy Hot Chocolate recipes, […]

How To Take A Shot Of Tequila

 You’re at a bar with your closest friends and you’re all deciding on what to drink. You’re still looking over the cocktail menu when that one friend says the two dreaded words you didn’t want to hear…   ”Tequila shots!”    Now you have no choice but to drink because the deed has been done.    But are you shooting […]

How to Host a Whisky Tasting Evening

There are few better ways to enjoy an evening of spirits and sophistication than a whisky tasting session. With such a vast breadth of regions, ages, flavours, and finishes to explore, dedicating an evening to sampling some whiskies is the perfect way to improve your knowledge and hopefully discover a new favourite bottle, whether you’re […]