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Cocktail of the Month – Cosmopolitan

Image of a cosmopolitan cocktail with a cocktail shaker in the background

When the good times are flowing and the drinks are pouring in, you’re going to need a cocktail that not only dazzles but keeps the vibe going on throughout the whole night. So why not whip up a classic Cosmopolitan.

This month’s taste bud tingling cocktail is the legendary Cosmopolitan. A lip-smacking sweet and sour combination of vodka, cranberry and citric orange is sure to make your mouth water as mine hasn’t stopped since making a pitcher or two last night.

Brush up on your bartending skills this weekend and delight your guests with a tasty treat and don’t drink anything that isn’t a Cosmo.

Be sure to whip up a glass this weekend and be sure to think of us when your sipping on this tasty VIP cocktail. Here’s how you can make your own!


  • 120ml Vodka (We used Grey Goose)
  • 60ml Orange Liqueur
  • 60ml Cranberry Juice
  • Juice of one lime


  1. add all your ingredients to a shaker and shake well.
  2. Pour into two Martini glasses.
  3. Sit back relax and enjoy your drink. (it’s that easy)!

Find the alcohol you need for this recipe (and more) on the VIP Bottles website today.

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