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Discover the Sweet Taste of Bacardi Coquito Cream Rum 

The Perfect Holiday Treat If you’ve been looking for an indulgent holiday treat, look no further than Bacardi Coquito Cream Rum. This unique rum flavour combines traditional Puerto Rican flavours with the smooth and creamy texture of a classic eggnog. Perfect for sipping or mixing festive cocktails, this rum is sure to be a hit […]

How to Make a Close Shave Cocktail

The Close Shave embodies what every cocktail should be: elegant, sophisticated, and brilliantly boozy. Perfect for sipping from brunch ‘til dusk, this bubbly treat has an air of Upper East Side glamour that is certain to have you feeling like a member of the Sex and the City glitterati.   Combining all the finer things in life, the Close Shave cocktail is a deceptively simple blend of Vodka, Elderflower […]