Absinthe is historically renowned for being one of the strongest alcoholic spirits to exist, with an ABV of anywhere between 45% to 74%. Traditionally served by a performing a “fire ritual”, where a sugar cube is soaked in alcohol and flamed, and then blended with four to six parts water. This scorching method creates a mystical smoky illusion with signature green hues, a real visual spectacle!

The star ingredient of anise forms the classic base for this intense spirit. Derived from botanicals including worm wood, fennel, coriander, and hyssop supplement and add a spicy flavour, for the ultimate ‘kick’.

Although it has never been confirmed, absinthe is notoriously known for being hallucinogenic. Commonly referred to as “La Fée Verte” – the Green Fairy, a name given to the drink after hallucinations of a Green Fairy often appeared when absinthe was consumed.

Its reputation as a hallucinogenic prevailed as the spirits unique selling point and was highly sought after by those who wanted the opiate experience. Despite its popularity, the herbaceous elixir was banned in the early 20th century in both Europe and America.

The resurgence of absinthe came about in the 1990s following a change in European food and drink regulations, leading to an expanded production. However, its comeback on the market has led people to question whether its hallucinogenic abilities are real or just an old wives’ tale.

A sensational taste and beautifully rich in both flavour and colour, this intoxicatingly intense drink is for the bravest of brave. So, do you have the courage to unleash your inner daredevil?
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