Drinks Trends in 2022

The experts at VIP Bottles review what’s coming up in the drinks market in 2022.

Celebrity Bottles

This trend is going nowhere. Big-name celebrity investors and ‘creative directors’ are still all over the drinks market, with Kendall Jenner’s 818 dominating across the pond, and The Rock’s Teremana Tequila proving to be our top selling bottle of 2021.

Where tequila is the current trend, we see a rum revolution on the horizon in 2022, with Bruno Mars and Ciara now owning their own rum brands.

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Cocktails At Home

With 2022 getting off to a flying start with another period of spending more time indoors (we can’t wait for Corona to be a beer again), it looks like we will have to crack out the cocktail shakers once again.

Though we love our cocktails being professionally made by our local bartender, why let those skills we learned making our own cocktails in 2020 go to waste?

As the home bars trend grows, those seeking out more complex and show-stopping recipes can browse our new range of bitters and purees (We also recommend checking out Gabriel Boudier’s huge range of flavoured liqueurs).

Blue Drinks

Hear us out. We couldn’t help but notice the 80’s neon blue hues of 80’s Club Tropicana cocktails seem to be making a comeback, with bold electric blue spirits and liqueurs proving a popular pick in 2021.

Watch out for plenty of blue raspberry and blue curacao on the cocktail menus over summer – these retro flavours and colours look great in photos too!

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Low & No

Demand for low & no alternatives to popular spirits continues to grow, with a 30% growth in 2021 looking to spike even further into 2022.

There are countless reasons why the category is growing in popularity, and demand has been met with companies coming with ever-creative and innovative replacements for alcohol.

Now a Passionfruit Martini Mocktail is easy with Strykk’s Not Vanilla Vodka, and Lyre Spirits’ replacement for Aperol makes a great alcohol-free spritz.

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Where watermelon flavours took over the summer, 2022 will see tastebuds searching for something a little tarter.

The pleasantly zingy and often overlooked citrus is fast growing into a trending flavour – with searches for grapefruit aperitif increasing by over 4,000% in 2021, and cocktail menus adding grapefruit twists to Negronis & Manhattans.

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The Ready To Drink Revolution

Canned cocktails and spirit/mixers saw an unexpected bump in 2020, and the category has expanded and innovated their offerings in response.

Now ‘nitro’ can technology means a velvety espresso martini can come straight from the can – complete with a foamy top!

In addition to nitro ranges, bold flavour combinations, limited editions and premium offerings have expanded the humble ‘Gin in a Tin’ into a juggernaut.

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Coffee-Infused Spirits

Two big moments in the drinks world in 2021 were the return of the Espresso Martini and the discontinuation of Patron’s Café XO.

The protest that followed the loss of this popular shooter suggests people are not ready to say goodbye to their coffee/spirits combo, and the next month AU Vodka responded with their delicious Double Espresso Coffee Liqueur.

Coffee-flavoured tequilas, rums and vodkas are all the rage (Sipsmith has even launched its coffee-infused Sipspresso gin), and the trend is set to ride into 2022.

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