VIP Bottles Uncorked – Our Top 10 Bestselling Bottles of 2021

1. Bottega Gold Prosecco

Italian Prosecco has remained the king of sparkling sips in the UK for many years (though it needs to keep its eye on its Spanish cousin, Cava), and Bottega’s Prosecco DOC is one of the finest on the market.

Of course, we can’t ignore the top reason why everyone and their dog was buying this in 2021– look at how damn shiny that bottle is!

Bottega’s polished golden bottle of Prosecco makes for a perfect gift – something special and eye-catching that looks great as part of any celebration (it doesn’t look too shabby on your IG grid either).

It’s not hard to see why Bottega’s Gold Prosecco was our top seller in 2021. The Rose Gold bottle wasn’t far behind either.

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2. AU Blue Raspberry Vodka

AU is the most searched-for drinks brand in the UK in 2021, and this flavour, launched in 2020, remains the top seller for vodka fans and party lovers.

Blue Raspberry is an unstoppable trend – a nostalgic flavour that reminds us of sweet shops, sherbet, slushies and all that good stuff that sent us wild as kids. Now there’s a grown-up version to enjoy!

The golden bottle design and brightly-coloured smooth vodka within has made the brand an instant classic – perfect for party shots and rainbow-coloured drinks.

Created in Swansea, Wales, AU Vodka benefits from a final filtering through gold thread – which removes impurities from the vodka to leave a smooth spirit.

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3. Teremana Reposado Tequila

Every year is The Rock’s year. The man simply cannot lose, so of course his tequila was always going to be a hit.

Our bestselling celebrity bottle of the year, Teremana’s pitch is simple – great tequila distilled from hand-picked and brick-roasted agaves. Teremana is then fermented in copper pot stills. Proper back-to-basics stuff, with Dwayne Johnson as the enthusiastic figurehead.

Voted the Tequila of the Year 2021 by USA Spirits Ratings, Teremana is far more than the name behind it, and we are sure its popularity will continue into 2022.

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Whispering Angel Wine Collection

4. Whispering Angel Rosé Wine

Whispering Angel let us plebs enjoy the life of the rich and famous as it quickly became known as the wine-of-choice among celebs and the super-rich while remaining attractively affordable.

Unfortunately for them, the secret leaked beyond the Hamptons and 2021 is the year Whispering Angel became everyone’s favourite Rosé.

Dry and balanced, with just the right level of citric acidity, Whispering Angel kicked off a Rosé revolution across the pond.

Whispering Angel’s notable fans include Adele and David Beckham, and for under £20, why not join the club?

We stock the entire collection from the French Château d’Esclans estate, a delectable collection of Rosé wines from France.

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5. Jägermeister Miniature

What is it about Jäeger? This classic shot is made with 56 herbs and spices to craft one of the most unique liqueurs on the planet.

The star of the ubiquitous Jäegerbomb was our most popular miniature from our range in 2021, perfect for parties and keepsake gifts for stags, hens and weddings.

Our drinks miniatures make ideal small gifts, stocking fillers, party favours and keepsakes.

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6. Luc Belaire Luxe

Luc Belaire calls itself ‘The New Tradition’, and 2021 proved it.

Far outselling other sparkling wines & Champagnes, the Luc Belaire brand is all about beauty and luxury for all. Its sparkling wine is crafted at a vineyard/Maison established in 1898 – tended to by 6th generation winemakers.

Luc Belaire exploded in popularity after it was adopted as the fizz of choice for rap and hip-hop stars, most notably Rick Ross aka Ricky Rozay. Luc Belaire’s iconic black, white and pink bottles have been seen the hands of DJ Khaled, Drake, Trina and countless more.

Our customers can now add themselves to the star-studded list of Luc Belaire fans, as the whole range proved a hit in 2021.

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7. Desperados Strawberry Margarita

What happens if you marry a light lager, a dose of tequila and sweet strawberries?

The ridiculously summery Desperados Strawberry Margarita, of course!

Desperados’ tequila-tinged beer appeals to so many – it’s a beer for people who aren’t that into beer, full of sweet strawberry flavours.

Desperados’ whole flavoured line sold like hot cakes over the summer and has remained popular for those who need to recapture those sunny days.

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8. Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream

Another strawberry-flavoured beauty, Tequila Rose is a daring original, and is the very first cream liqueur to use tequila as base spirit, using the earthy tones of tequila to ground a strawberry cream combo that otherwise could have been overly-sweet.

Tequila Rose hits a lot of trends – it pours a pleasing millennial pink, with a lush creamy texture that’s perfect for shots and party drinks, winning it the accolade as the official drink of the ‘girls night out’.

2021 was a great year for Tequila Rose as the girls’ night out made a comeback and demand for strawberry flavours continued.

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9. Snoop Dogg’s 19 Crimes Cali Red

In an era where celebrity wines are announced every other day, Snoop Dogg’s collaboration with trendy winemaker 19 Crimes still made the world do a double take.

Yes, Snoop Dogg, the Drop It Like Its Hot rapper, is a wine guy. Of course, he had to rep the West coast with a Californian red. It’s a smooth and fruity sip, with notes of red berries, vanilla, liquorice and all-spice.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Snoop also came out with a light and refreshing California Rosé the following year.

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19 Crimes Cali Red Wine 75cl

10. Kraken Black Roast

While it was not officially launched in the UK, we picked up some Kraken Black Roast while sourcing some exclusive bottles in America, and it has ended up becoming one of our most popular bottles of the year.

Coffee alcohol was a huge trend this year thanks to Espresso Martinis being cool (again), and we love the combo of dark spiced rum and coffee extract. So did everyone else!

This rich, flavourful sip is beautiful enjoyed on the rocks.

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