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Beers and Cider



At VIP Bottles, we stock a wide range of beers & ciders from across the globe.

Some of the nation’s all-time favourite drinks, beer and cider are brilliantly refreshing beverages famed for their bubbles and delicious flavour.

Beer is made from a blend of water, sugar, yeast, and hops. These ingredients are brewed to convert starch into sugar before undergoing a period of fermentation to produce alcohol. The resulting beer is hoppy and savoury, perfect when served chilled.

Cider skips the brewing process because its main ingredients, apples, are already set with plenty of natural sugars. These apples are pulped, pressed, and fermented, creating a sweet drink that can also be infused with flavours like Lime, Cherry, or Passionfruit.

Our range includes top brands like Budweiser, Kopparberg, Desperados, Rekorderlig, and more.

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