Ron Zacapa



Ron Zacapa is widely regarded as the gold standard of Guatemalan rums, handcrafted in the remote town of Zacapa with first-press sugar cane and a uniquely meticulous “Sistema Solera” aging process.

A rare treasure for the rum connoisseur, shop the exquisite Ron Zacapa XO and Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 at VIP Bottles.

Where most rums are made from molasses, the journey to creating Ron Zacapa begins with using the first press of virgin sugar cane for sweeter, smoother, and more refined character.

Once distilled, Zacapa Rum travels to a valley peak over 2000 metres above sea level where lower temperatures allow for longer aging. The distillery utilises a rare “Sistema Solera” technique in which the rum rests in varied cask types which have respectively held Bourbon, Cognac, Sherry, and Wine for unmatched complexity and depth.

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