Amrut Whisky



Amrut was established in 1948, on the brink of India’s independence from the British commonwealth. As India’s first ever whisky manufacturing company, they set up shop in the southern state of Karnataka.

Made using wheats and barley from Bangalore and water sourced from the Himalayan springs, Amrut takes pride in being 100% Indian. The finest selection of aromas and flavours can be tasted in each of their expressions.

From the Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky to the Amrut Indian Single Malt Cask Strength Whisky, you can shop the full range here at VIP Bottles.

Amrut is an early Sanskrit word translating to “nectar of the gods”, although the original details of what this exact substance was remains unknown – it was believed that those who drank it would be guaranteed immortality!

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