818 Tequila



818 Tequila is the premium spirits brand from model and socialite, Kendall Jenner. Produced in collaboration with the local family-owned farms of Jalisco, Mexico, 818 is crafted from an obsession with authenticity and commitment to quality.

The 818 Reposado and 818 Blanco are available to buy in the UK here at VIP Bottles.

818 Tequila is named after the area code of Kendall Jenner’s native California but is firmly rooted in the heritage and traditions of Mexico.

The spirit begins with fully matured agave plants which are harvested by skilled jimadors in Los Valles. The agave is roasted for 40 hours in traditional brick ovens, fermented for 70 hours, twice distilled, and finally left to rest in White Oak barrels for the perfect smooth vanilla body.

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