The Close Shave

An embodiment of elegance and class with a bit of a kick, The Close Shave is a refreshing, bubbly taste of the Upper East Side combined with New Amsterdam vodka.

 Taste the Upper East Side

Ideal for when you need something light, yet impactful to take the week’s grime away.

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The Season of Strawberries and Cream: Wimbledon 2019

We have truly been blessed this summer with a whole host of sporting events that are as tantalising as the drinks we like to consume whilst watching them. With the Cricket World Cup in full swing, this month we turn our attention to London’s biggest annual sporting event, Wimbledon 2019.

The tennis championships themselves are the oldest in the world and crowds have reached around half a million people in the past and we expect this year to be no different.

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Skepta ‘Ignorance is Bliss’

The veteran UK MC Joseph Adenuga, also known as Skepta, returned last month with his new album Ignorance is Bliss after a three-year wait. Skepta’s Mercury Prize-winning 2016 album Konnichiwa marked a comeback of sorts for the grime icon, as it saw Skepta embracing his urban roots, coming back to the glitchy sounds of grime after dabbling with more mainstream pop sounds.

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The Origins of Flavoured Vodka

The origin of modern vodka can be attributed to Poland and Russia; these two countries are in a, what may seem never-ending, dispute as to the creator of this iconic spirit.

Historically, the first record of vodka production comes from 9th century Russia; the name came from the Russian word “voda”, which translates into “water”.

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Soju: The popular Korean spirit you have probably never heard of

This flavourless clear spirit originates from Korea and is traditionally made from rice. It is around 20% in alcohol volume and so although it may look and potentially even taste like your favourite vodka, it is, in fact, a little weaker which makes for shooting it just that bit easier. That being said, the Koreans are no light drinkers, on average they are taking 13.7 shots of liquor a week, by far the most in the world!

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6 Essential Men’s Fashion Trends For Summer ‘19

As seasons change, so do the colours in our wardrobe. Bold primaries are the key way to stand out this season.

Designers like Iceberg, Paria Farzaneh and Craig Green did not shy away from bright primaries in their SS20 collections. Another colour making its way into the spotlight is Sage – a safer, yet equally, exciting colour to play with.

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Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Its that time of the month again were we delight our Boozy Bakers with yet another taste bud tingling treat. With the weather being a little dreary and summer has not quite arrived yet we thought why not cheer up our bakers with a caramel delight. This month we are making a Simple yet dazzling Baileys Salted Carmel
chocolate cake.

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Patron Citronge Lime Cake

Summer is just around the corner and we have whipped up a zesty citric treat to end spring and welcome the delightful sunshine and good times that come with summer, just for our boozy bakers, here’s our own Margarita Lime Cake.

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