Sangria is a Mediterranean wine-based cocktail that is typically sweetened with syrups or liqueurs, refreshed with soda water, and served up with a generous portion of fresh fruit.

One of the most popular holiday cocktails of all time, you can now sit back and enjoy a taste of sunshine at home with our range of pre-mixed red and white Sangrias.

Wine cocktails have been on the menu since ancient times, with Greek and Roman civilisations mixing their booze with sugar and spices to create a pre-modern take on Sangria.

What we now recognise as Sangria takes its name from the Spanish word meaning “blood” due to the deep colour of red wine. But, although red wine is still the most common base of Sangria, there are many different takes on the cocktail such as White Sangria, Rosé Sangria, and Sparkling Sangria.

When enjoying one of our delicious bottles of Sangria, we’d recommend serving up a large glass that’s filled with chopped apples, strawberries, and peaches.
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