Elijah Craig



Over 250 years in the making, Elijah Craig is the founding father of Bourbon Whiskey.

Every Bourbon is still crafted using the traditional methods of Elijah Craig and uses four essential elements: Grain, Water, Fire & Time. It is the precision and dedication from the Master Distillers that helps create unique and award-winning whiskeys.

It was in 1789 that Elijah Craig became the first distiller to age whiskey in charred oak barrels. There is dispute as to how the barrels were first charred, but nonetheless an exciting and unique process and spirit was created.

Over time, Elijah refined the process and landed on a smooth, rich flavour which would go on to become Bourbon.

Even 250 years later, he is known as the Father of Bourbon and the brand continues to use the same time-honoured methods to create their special range including the Barrel Proof & Small Batch whiskey available at VIP Bottles.
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