D'usse Cognac



Founded by hip-hop legend Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and produced by the world’s most revered living Cellar Master, Michel Casavecchia, D’USSÉ Cognac stands as an icon of luxury spirits.

Find both the D’USSÉ VSOP and D’USSÉ XO in a range of sizes available to buy online at VIP Bottles.

Created in the Château du Cognac (literally the “Cognac Castle”), D’USSÉ is a modern brand that draws on decades of expertise and centuries of tradition to deliver a masterful portfolio loved by connoisseurs, celebrities and casual drinkers alike.

There are two cognacs in the D’USSÉ range, a VSOP Cognac aged for at least four and a half years and an XO Cognac aged for a minimum of ten years. Both expressions are a blend of premium eaux-de-vie which rest in French oak barrels within a combination of dry and humid cellars, developing the house’s signature balance between fruity, floral notes and woody, spicy notes.

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