As featured on The Guardian Food & Drink Checklist

Smirnoff Watermelon

Mouth wateringly delicious. Infused with ripe juicy watermelons. Delivering a subtle sweetness that is luscious and needs to be savoured.

GTV Watermelon

Blended with ripe luscious watermelon GTV delivers sweet and mouth-watering notes. Distilled 6 times GTV is smooth and will entertain your taste buds all night.

Pinnacle Cucumber Watermelon

Crisp cucumber is infused with succulent watermelon to give a well-balanced, juicy tasting vodka that is the perfect choice for every cocktail.

Ciroc Summer Watermelon

Indulge this vodka that has been laced with juicy watermelons and tropical fruits resulting in a taste experience that is both refreshing and elegantly smooth.