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Virginia Black from Drake

We’re very pleased to have this particular whisky drink in stock at VIP Bottles, as it’s one of the most anticipated new whisky brands of all time. It’s now been 2 years since Drake first announced he would be partnering with Deleón tequila mogul Brent Hocking to produce his own spirit, joining the likes of Jay Z, 50 Cent and many more hip-hop stars who have had success in the business before him.

The result of the partnership, Virginia Black Decadent American Whisky, has been met with a great reaction since it launched in 2016. The timing of the launch couldn’t have been better in terms of Drake’s high profile success in the music industry, which may have contributed to its record-breaking first-day sales. But it was the taste of the whisky that won over the critics since then, with fantastic reviews from several publications, so we anticipate Virginia Black staying around for the long haul.

The concept behind the taste of the spirit, which was a collaboration between Hocking and Drake, was that they wanted to make a whisky that’s easy to drink. It’s true that many premium brands feature exceptionally high proofs and are not recommended for first-time whisky drinkers. As a result, Virginia Black is definitely much smoother and less harsh on the palate than most of its rivals, which is extremely appealing to many people.

Its enhanced sweetness doesn’t compromise the refined flavour, though. Make no mistake, this is a premium two-to-four-year old whisky that lives up to its “decadent” description. However, it certainly succeeds in terms of being a more drinkable spirit than most, which is definitely its key selling point besides the affiliation with Drake. Combining this with the sleek and elegant bottle design, Virginia Black is the perfect gift for anyone with a taste for sophisticated spirits.

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