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VIP Year In Review

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We had an incredibly exciting 2019 and we thought it was only right to share with you some of the incredible stats we have pulled out whilst crunching the numbers. Let us know in the comments if you found any of these stats surprising or shocking!

We sold over 3500 litres of Vodka in 2019

You may know that our largest selection of spirits comes in the Vodka category. From flavoured vodkas like Smirnoff to the luxury of Ciroc, we stock one of the largest ranges in the UK. This stats definitely tells us that you too love our range of vodkas and love to drink it as much as we do too! Here’s to hitting that 5000 litres mark this year right?


We sold just shy of 3500 bottles of Ciroc alone

One of our favourite brands ever, the team at Ciroc including Diddy and DJ Khaled have continued to take the brand from strength-to-strength throughout 2019 which culminated in the exquisite Ciroc White Grape iteration. Not to mention, the brand also released perhaps the most popular flavour of the year, Summer Watermelon. What’s your favourite Ciroc flavour?


We sold 700 bottles of Luc Belaire

Another brand that is fronted by a hip-hop mogul, Rick Ross. Luc Belaire’s sparkling wine range has been a fan favourite for some time now and it is great to see our VIPs opting for the black bottle for celebrations all year round. Did you know we stock the full Luc Belaire range onsite and in-store? Get your hands on a bottle today!

Cognac was your second most popular spirit

A pattern starts to emerge when we look a little deeper at another popular brand, D’usse being right at the top of our list for 2019. Fronted by Jay-Z himself, this cognac is a symbol of luxury all over the world and you, as our VIPs, know exactly how to drink it. Do you have a favourite cognac? Let us know below!

Ciroc Summer Watermelon was our most popular product of the year in 2019

Perhaps not surprising to some, this was a huge feat from a product that didn’t even have a full 12 months to get the top spot. As one of our favourite products to come out in 2019, we knew Summer Watermelon was here to stick around. Which drink to you tip to take Ciroc’s crown in 2020?

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