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We Have Rumbelievable News!


Let’s go back to summer 2017; are you there? Can you feel the warm sun beating on your skin, caressed by the cool breeze? Can you hear the sound of ‘Despacito’ or ‘Wild Thoughts’ playing in the background while you sit with your ice cold glass of sheer bliss in hand? Yes! We want to take you back to summer with our newest and exclusive release of your favourite Malibu flavours. Do we dare to tempt you with what you can have in your VIP bag?

Malibu Mango:

The smooth crisp taste of pure mango can instantly make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. Bopping your head to the sounds of Bob Marley enjoying the sweet flavours of Malibu Mango. The combination of coconut and mango makes the drink rich in relaxation and flavour. Pour over some ice and garnish with a zesty orange twist for that added twang and kick to your elite drinking experience.

Malibu Melon:

This is a flavour that is definitely ‘one in a melon’ with its refreshing and distinctive taste. This light-bodied flavour is perfect in a sweet cocktail for those evenings of pure pleasure. If you’re having family over this is an amazing concoction to simply chill and let the good vibes flow. For that ideal drink pour some Malibu Melon over ice and add some pineapple juice, take a sip and let your taste-buds go wild!

Malibu Passion Fruit:

Bring the summer parties back with a bit of personality, attitude, and passion! The ultimate party starter has to be the Malibu Passion Fruit flavour. Full of of flavour this combination of coconut and passionfruit will leave you having a party in your mouth. Being your VIP drinking experts we want you to experience what happens when ripe passion fruit meets Caribbean rum! Add Malibu passion fruit to a chilled glass topped up with coconut water for the ultimate Caribbean sensation.

Malibu Pineapple:

It may be spiky on the outside but it sure is sweet on the inside, that’s why you should get your hands on this guaranteed throwback to summer drink. This sweet and sour flavour of pineapple and coconut will cause you to crave your past summer antics. Get yourself the perfect drink to have with friends by pouring the Malibu pineapple over rock hard cold ice cubes. Top it up with pineapple juice and garnish with a lime wedge for that ultimate Caribbean feeling.

Relive your summer!

These are some flavours that can instantly bring back memories of summer, and we have every single one just for you! Here at VIP we always want to give you the very best and treat you all like the VIP you were born to be. Get your hands on a taste of the Caribbean with your Malibu from VIP Bottles!