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Let the games be-GIN!


Jenever, also known as Genièvre, has been Holland’s national spirit since the 17th century. English speakers, however, will know the lovely spirit by the simple but effective name of Dutch gin.

Dry Ginuary!

Every year my acquaintances say to me; “will you be participating in Dry January this year?” I think it is absolutely absurd, but for the benefit of the people, and as a toast to the Queen, I would much rather do Dry Ginuary instead. I mean who doesn’t like a dry Gin with fresh tonic water?

My ideal evening is arriving home with my wife after a wonderful shop in waitrose, picking up my favourite caviar and freshest piece of organic salmon for tea. Then driving to my country home in my new e-class Mercedes Benz to enjoy a perfect glass of Gin and tonic. Nothing in the world can beat such an incredible feeling of a single glass of sheer perfection.

I love all sorts of Gin and the fantastic ways you can drink Gin, but I’m not fond of dirty martinis. Why? I mean the name says it all. need I say more? I much rather prefer a classic gin martini but that’s only for when I go to the Ritz with my dear wife.

Where can I find the best Gin?

I will let you into a secret, but it needs to stay between me and you… I heard about an exquisite alcohol company called VIP Bottles, I must say they sell some of the most incredible drinks I have ever seen. You know what really caught my eye, the gin they have in stock, you could say it’s ‘Gin-ious’! They have (as the name would suggest) a blooming marvellous gin: Bloom Gin, a floral beauty of known as Bombay Sapphire, the most extraordinary gin of exceptional quality Hendricks Gin, and of course they have to be home to London’s No.1. I highly recommend you have a look at what else VIP Bottles have to offer, especially their incredible vodka selection. Go on, let the games be-GIN! 

It has been lovely chatting with you, but unfortunately, I have to depart because I’m going out this evening and cannot for the life of me decide which Rolex to wear with my Armani suit.

From me, Sir Seagram, and family I bid you farewell!