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​Happy VIP New Year!


It has reached the time of year when many people set new goals and aspirations, everyone is excited to kick start the New Year and get on the right the right track. How about you?

Maybe you’re someone who is flirting with the idea of completing a Dry January? Well, if so, we’ve got a helpful tip for you. You see, if it doesn’t taste like alcohol, technically, it doesn't count as alcohol.

We want to help you start the New Year in the best way possible, So we’ve decided to become home to the largest flavoured Smirnoff collection in the UK with flavours ranging from Watermelon to Marshmallow, and we know you that any of our flavours can instantly grab your taste buds and get you feeling positive about 2018!

What’s in it for me?

Fancy a Root Beer Float? We have you set with our Smirnoff Root Beer Float flavour, having the perfect balance of creamy vanilla and warming spices delivering a classic and comforting taste.

Or how about getting a bit frisky and adventurous? With our combination of Smirnoff Sours you can set your taste buds wild! It’s tangy and deliciously sour and is a definite must have to complete your not so Dry January collection.

Instead, if you want something more subtle, then get a Kiss from Caramel or enjoy a refreshing taste of the Caribbean with Smirnoff coconut.

Finally, if you want to get the party started, how about going Drizzy Drake with Smirnoff Passion Fruit?

Whatever you fancy this not so Dry January, you’ll find something you can enjoy in our incredible Smirnoff collection! Go on, take your pick of any of our amazing and ultimately delicious bottles of Smirnoff and we will see you at the checkout!