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​A Postcard From: Vodka...


“I don’t even like Vodka, it just has no taste” said no one ever! According to some, the whole point of Vodka is that it has no taste and that it’s more transparent than water itself. But, I for one, will always choose vodka over any drink because it sure does unleash my inner diva and it’s thanks to that, they call me the life of the party. So don’t shy away from this Russian beauty, and next time that you hear someone singing “Shots! Shots! Shots!” at all of you lovely people, you know that VODKA IS IN THE HOUSE!

So, where did Vodka come from?

History says that the word ‘vodka’ stemmed from the Russian word ‘voda’, which is basically how I say it after one too many vodka jellies, so no wonder my friends know what I’ve been drinking. Anyway, after numerous attempts to bring vodka to Western Europe since the late 1890s, Vodka finally got to touch-base in the West in the 1940s. Since then it’s achieved huge popularity and a renowned position that you know today.

So, Where can you get the best Vodka on the market?

There are various makes and brands of vodka for you to pick from, so all you have to decide is the occasion and which exotic flavour is going to be your party must-have!

We know how to find the largest Smirnoff Collection in the UK…

Here at VIP Bottles, we have all those big names of all your favourite vodka and we are home to the largest Smirnoff collection in the UK. When you’re feeling that extra bit classy, and fancy that stiff vodka on the rocks or vodka straight-up, you are making a bold choice. Whatever your choice these are some of the best vodka’s to satisfy your drink desires:

Cavoda, pink or blue? This vodka delivers one of the smoothest finishes, with no flavourings and no messing about, just straight up, 5 times distilled, vodka. Yes. You heard it here first, Cavoda is distilled 5 times to make it top class for you marvellous people with your Jaguars and Audi cars.

Now let me tell you about a vodka that is Effen" amazing. A light, crisp and mild  Effen is every bartender’s choice, making it the perfect compliment to every drink, whether it’s on the rocks or in a mix. Effen is available in many flavours which will tickle your taste buds, so take your pick from some the sweet notes of black cherry, tingly orange, or rippled raspberry at VIP Bottles.

Grey Goose is a necessity in every premium vodka collection. Lots of people don’t realise that Grey Goose comes in many different flavours, including exotic cherry noir and tangy le citron. So go on, get quacked!

GTV Vodka will forever be an iconic premium vodka that screams sophistication and class. Jump in your Bugatti and come and collect your very own bottle of GTV.

If you’re more of a party goer like myself then vodka like ciroc and smirnoff are definitely your forte. Both brands have a large array of flavours, so when you’re feeling for a vodka soda, you’ll have a huge choice of flavours to choose from.

Enjoy a smooth tasting vodka with  Ciroc! These babies make the perfect party drink and come in a gorgeous bottle. So grab a bottle and go get yourself out with your best mates.

I think we can all agree that the go-to vodka is  Smirnoff. It doesn’t even need to try to be amazing, because it naturally is. From Smirnoff original to Smirnoff Sours, there is always something for everyone. Remember VIP Bottles officially has the LARGEST Smirnoff collection in the UK, so we hope to be seeing you at the checkout!

On that note I think  Roberto Cavalli is calling me.. Sorry must dash! Hakuna Ma’vodka everyone, which means no memories for the rest of the night.