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VIP Room

​VIP Bottles takeover De Montfort Freshers Fair!


The time has come for students to pack their belongings and move onto a new chapter in their life at DMU. To kick it all off, DMU Freshers is back this year with #FreshFest17, there will be LOADS of day and night events for everyone. The DMU Freshers fair is an event for university students and will be attended by around 6000-7000 students. From a pumped up Freshers ball to an adrenaline rushing laser quest DMU Freshers week has it all.

And guess what? VIP Bottles will be at the DMU Freshers fair too!

When is it? Friday 22 September and Sunday 1 October

Where? De Montfort Students' Union

What can you expect? VIP Bottles will be giving away freebies such as t-shirts shot glasses, bags and some even better surprises on the day!

SO, grab your friends, grab your alcohol and enjoy some VIP freebies, including exclusive student offers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You will not regret it!

In the meantime, here’s 11 Fresher must-haves to fill your countdown with:

  • Get everything you need before you arrive for Freshers week, but don’t overdo it. Remember you’re going to be at DMU for quite a while, and most likely you will become part of a society, so don’t worry you will have time to get other bits later on.
  • Say ‘Hi’ and make some friends, DMU is now your new home so go out and find some new friends. You sure will be spending a lot of time together, almost certainly, all of your time! Don’t be a hermit and lock yourself up in your room, go and introduce yourself to your new flatmates. When you have made a friend or two don’t stop there, why not go and make even more friends? Find out who your neighbours are across the hall and next door too. Then let your imagination run wild and explore the campus together. Remember, you’re all in the same boat so don’t be nervous to introduce yourself.
  • Work out a budget before it’s too late. Make sure you stick to it, you will be enticed by the parties and incredible trips like Alton Towers. Yes you can go! BUT ensure you have money left, otherwise you will be surviving on 10p noodles by the end of the first semester.
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  • Explore your halls! We are pretty sure you’re going to need to do some laundry at some point and you know that that t-shirt won’t last very long whilst it’s collecting all those makeup stains (yours or theirs), so why not find out where the laundry room is? You may have already found the bar, but check out where your local supermarket is, find your nearest gym to keep you trim, and pinpoint the pharmacy; you’ll thank us when reaching for the meds during those morning hangovers. There will be a lot going on in Freshers week and all the other weeks to follow, don’t waste this precious discovery time.
  • While you’re at it, check-out your surroundings too! You’re in Leicester, the home of culture, from galleries and museums, to rich heritage, Leicester is now in your hands! You will also be happy to know that VIP Bottles is based in Leicester too and very close to the DMU campus and your halls, so come and check us out! We offer exclusive and affordable alcohol, and we can deliver straight to your door. Why not pop in and say hello?
  • Go to Freshers Fair! There will be so much happening, from society sign ups to a whole load of freebies that will be on offer. Take a bag, because you’re going to have pens and pencils pouring from your pockets, and you’ll get your hands on some other fun bits and bobs for your flat from the different stalls on offer.
  • Make sure you stay safe! If you’re going out out, then stay in groups on your way to and from the nightclub, be responsible, particularly if alcohol is involved. Stay clear of dodgy people or environments that can be a little bit “bookey”, and avoid walking through large parks in the dark. Ensure you know who to call (not the Ghostbusters), if you need help and where to go to find it.
  • When Freshers week comes to an end, it’s time to start living! Keep up those friendly relationships with your flatmates, it will make living easier especially if issues arise!
  • Contribute to the flat environment, use your initiative in cleaning up, it doesn’t take very long to do a little bit of washing up. How about suggesting a rota if that would make it easier for you and your flatmates?
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  • Maintain your personal hygiene and be responsible for your diet, it’s important to stay balanced. Have a go at doing a big food shop so you have food stored up for a couple of days instead of doing daily trips. At the same time, discuss the flats food policy at the earliest opportunity. Are you sharing? Are you going to take it in turns to cook? Or will everyone be doing their own thing? Doing this will save so much hassle before things get complicated and before that pizza you were saving for lunch goes missing!
  • One final tip before you become the ultimate DMU student, be sure to have fun and work hard!

    Hopefully you now feel ready for some of the best years of your life and feel fully prepared to be a DMU student. Make the most of Freshers, enjoy every moment of it and go and become the person you want to become #GoalGetter, Oh and don’t forget to come and check out VIP Bottles at the fair! We will see you there...

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