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VIP Recommends: The Best Bank Holiday BBQ Bottles

It would be remiss to address the best bottles of the Bank Holiday without acknowledging that it is around this time that practically the whole country looks up to the sun and simultaneously gets their dusty BBQ out for a bit of a party.

We know that this year will be no different and to stay ahead of the curve, we have put together a list of the best bottles to be taken to your Bank Holiday BBQ, no matter what kind of host you may have.

For The Fussy Host
The fussy host can be a difficult one to plan for, however, we have just the bottle that will go down a treat, no matter how fussy. Enter, McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin. This is one of our newest gin’s and boasts a number of unique flavours and botanicals mixed to create a rather spectacular spirit.

Sitting alongside classic juniper, citrus and flowers, the six signature botanicals, said to be “unique” to McQueen and the Violet Fog, include basil leaves from India, Portuguese rosemary, Mediterranean fennel seed, Calamansi from the South Pacific, star anise from Vietnam, and acai, locally grown in Brazil.

Impress your fussy host with the Brazilian McQueen Gin and ask them to mix it with a little lime and ginger beer for the perfect drinking experience.

Buy your bottle here

For The Fancy Host
The fancy host is the kind of host who really pulls out all the stops for their annual BBQ, they may even go as far as having two BBQs on at the same time and even a bar in the garden. For this type of host, we suggest matching their level and going for a bottle of Belvedere Black Raspberry.

A true summer treat, this vodka boasts rich and jammy raspberry notes with soft delicate rose aromas and an undercurrent of vanilla and baked red fruits. Your host will be forever thankful (and impressed) as this flavour is now discontinued from the range and VIP Bottles is the only place still stocking a few bottles.

Get your bottle of Belvedere Black Raspberry in time for the BBQ here.

For The Fruity Host
The fruity host is most definitely going to be having jugs of Pimms and flavoured cocktails all day, so why not help them out with their fruity collection and bring a bottle of Effen Yuzu Citrus.

The Yuzu fruit, which is known for its use and origin from Japan and East Asia is exploding with popularity and purpose across the world. The taste is a complex blend of citrus, grapefruit, and herb to truly embody the subtle beauty of the Yuzu fruit and flavour.

Mix this with grapefruit and lemonade for the most refreshing cocktail you will taste all summer.

Buy your Effen Yuzu Citrus here

For The In-Law Host
Popping over to your in-laws for a Bank Holiday BBQ may seem daunting for some, for others it is like stepping into a game of Mastermind and the lucky few may even just about enjoy it.

Regardless of how you feel, impressing the in-laws with your knowledge of VIP drinks is something that should be high up on the list and this year you will be able to tick it off. Show them how much you care by taking a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Rose.

A deliciously fruity wine in early bloom, Veuve Cliquot Rose delivers fresh aromas and tastes of red fruits, apricots, almonds, brioche and biscuit notes to deliver a perfectly balanced Rose of elegance and flair.

Not to mention, this bottle comes in a beautiful pink box that doubles lovely as a gift box too.

Add a little sparkle to your BBQ with Verve Cliquot Rose here.

For You, The VIP Host
We have not forgotten about our VIP Hosts either. If you are the lucky person who will be hosting their own Bank Holiday BBQ this year, we have picked out the essential bottle you need to have on your drinks trolley.

We present, Ciroc Summer Watermelon. This super summery vodka has all the hype of a Kanye fashion label and follows through with execution as good as a Kanye album. Mix this with lemonade, juice or soda water and enjoy whilst you sit back on your favourite deck chair and eat your favourite burger.

Your guests will love it (so maybe get two bottles just in case)

Buy your Ciroc Summer Watermelon here

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