Proper Twelve

A delicious single malt whisky awaits you, with mouth-watering infusions of vanilla, honey and toasted wood

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Ciroc White Grape

Masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of white grape and vanilla, this delightful spirit is a taste experience that is lusciously different and smooth to the taste.

AU Black Grape

Five times distilled, Gold filtered to remove carbon-based impurities and bares mineral properties, and made with the finest  black grapes for a juicy, fruity flavour profile.

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Armand De Brignac Brut Gold

Elegantly infused Brut Gold delivers zesty oranges, creamy brioche, exotic fruits, cherries, vanilla and honey flavour layers that are beautifully intertwined to give you a mouth-watering finish

Mod Selection Reserve

Layered with lively aromatics and vibrant white fruits, this luscious Cuvee is one the markets most exclusive champagnes which is also endorsed by Canadian rapper ‘Drake’.

Amsterdam Cannabis Gin

A spirit infused with the essence of Amsterdam”, a gin with hemp flavouring that provides a spicy tone on the palate that is both delightful and unique.

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Hendricks Gin

A wondrous Scottish gin, Hendricks Gin offers tastes of fresh botanicals, limes and cucumber to deliver a wondrous taste sensation. Scrumptious and unusual it’s only Hendricks.

Bumbu Rum

Bumbu rum carefully distils Caribbean sugar cane, minerals and spice to bring us an authentic tropical taste that is both heart-warming and smooth.

Ciroc VS Brandy

This brandy is crafted with passion, process, and patience for incomparable smoothness and flavour that’s only equal is the individuals who celebrate their moment with a glass in hand.

D’usse VSOP

A taste experience with no comparison. Aromas of spice and wood combated with flavours of cinnamon and honey make D’usse a truly warm and refreshing take on cognac.

Luc Belaire Luxe

Rich, sweet and smooth Luc Belaire Luxe combines apricot, honeysuckle and brioche making this a stunning addition to the Belaire range. Party like a celebrity.

Bottega White Gold

A touch of class mixed with sensational flavouring’s, this is Bottega White Gold. A delicate infusion of apricots and pinot noir grapes, Bottega offer a slightly sweet and richer version of the gold edition.

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