Top VIP Pick’s for Dry Ginuary

A close up image of 5 gin glasses with different fruit and ice.

January is usually a time where people make New Year’s resolutions, and one of the most common ones is to refrain from drinking. However, for avid Gin lovers, that simply isn’t possible. On the other hand, another common new year’s resolution is to try new things, and that we can certainly get behind, with four gins that you must try. Start the new year with a new favourite gin as we draw a spotlight on four gins you have to try.

Pixie Tears

From the creators of some of the most unique and quirky gifts and entertainment products of the last 5 years, Pixie Tears Elderflower and Cucumber Gin is a standout offering from Firebox. Crisp elderflower and cucumber gin. The bottle features a beautiful emerald hue which is perfect for a range of technicolour cocktails as well as the mesmerism shimmer that comes when the bottle is shaken. Enjoyed straight on the rocks or mixed with tonic water for a twist on the classic G&T, discover Pixie Tears gin today! Shop here.

Thomas Dakin

This is probably the most well-known gin on this list for Gin Lovers, but for those who are slightly newer to Gin, it’s a staple London Dry Gin found on almost every high-end bar across the country. It’s distilled in Manchester and the Thomas Darkin Small Batch gin was launched in 2015 after the original distillery from 1761 in Warrington tragically burned down in 2005. It has quite the kick to it with its 42% alcohol by volume, which makes it perfect for a boozy cocktail such as a Negroni, and the Thomas Dakin gives the best Negroni recipe. Shop here.

St Giles Raspberry Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

An explosion of fruity flavours awaits you in a bottle of St Giles Raspberry Rhubarb and Ginger gin. This gin features flavours of fresh raspberries, organic rhubarb and fresh ground ginger that combine a beautiful taste of summer (something we all need). Delightfully light and smooth this gin is sure to be the delicate treat you have been waiting for. Try mixing with lemonade or tonic water and a slice of lemon for a refreshing twist on your standard G&T. Shop here.

Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin

So we have shown you something green and something red, now it’s time for a gin that has a deep blue colour, making it unique in a number of cocktails and your favourite drinks. The Persian Marshmallow gin has a gentle taste of spice is infused with the creamy light flavour of marshmallow root to deliver a unique gin that flickers between sweet and sensational. Want to switch up your drinks or cocktails at your next party? Try to serve this with blueberries or a handful of marshmallows for that added bit of fun. Shop here.


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