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Top 10 Bars to take your Valentine

Having your Valentine’s Day celebrations at home can be extremely romantic if you have a spacious living room that can be decorated to set the tone, however, to truly make your Valentines day special, whisk away your loved one to a dreamy paradise instead. Despite what some may say, an intimate bar date can be a wonderful way to spend your Valentine’s day especially in a breathtaking venue, so here are 10 bars to take your Valentine this year.

Le Grand Vefour, Paris

Speaking of movies, Midnight in Paris is one of best Romantic Movies in the 2010s, so why not dine the very restaurant they shot the movie at? Le Grand Vefour is a gourmet restaurant that has a cozy setting as it only seats a maximum of 20. The scrumptious classic dishes such as the Araguani bitter chocolate mousse with caramel ice cream are impeccable. Along with its historic décor, and prestige due to the world icons that have visited the restaurant, it would certainly be a legendary Valentine’s Day if you were to dine here for the evening.

Eden, Manchester

Eden is a Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub, all in one building. We recommend the bar that is closest to the restaurant due to its bright and floral setting which truly embraces the name Eden. The blissful Gin and cocktail collection all, so it suits the Garden of Eden theme with cocktails such as Adam & Eve. They currently have a Valentines day deal, just £35 for 5 Courses in their restaurant.

Norma, London

Norma is a contemporary Italian restaurant that brings the beautiful Grand Café culture of Sicily to London. The seafood is truly extraordinary with impeccable pasta dishes that you expect from a pristine Italian restaurant with Great British Chef and Italian food specialist Ben Tish at the helm. With a private dining space available for an intimate date location, your Valentine’s day will like a movie.

The Devil’s Advocate, Edinburgh

This bar will make you feel like you’re in Peaky Blinders, situated in the historic Old Town of Edinburgh, the Victorian pump house setting is captivating. To match the atmosphere, The Devil’s Advocate flaunts its 400 strong whisky shelf, making it one of the best bars for whiskey in the UK.

Eve, London

It comes strongly recommended by the Independent as one of the best cocktails in the UK in 2018, and for good reason. Eve has a range of bars across London within its brand, but it’s the Covent Garden venue that we recommend due to how small and intimate it is. It only seats around 60 people, making it the perfect location for the intimate and romantic Valentines date you’re looking for.

Sunset by Australasia, Manchester

If you want a venue that is going to make everyone on your Instagram feed jealous, this is definitely the one. Sunset by Australasia will make you forget the world outside and transport you to a beach themed location for the night. Gentlemen, this is the best bar to propose at on this list.

Ristorante Alle Corone, Venice

If you love Italian restaurants, why not have the historic and gracious surroundings of Venice to go with it? Ristorante Alle Corone offers specialties Venetian cuisine and extensive wine list curated locally and internationally. Its located within the exquisite Ai Reali di Venezia hotel, meaning you could make your Valentines day an unforgettable and spontaneous holiday if you so wished.

Sky Lounge, Leeds

In the romantic movies we love to watch, there are classic rooftop bar scenes that make our heart melt such as in 500 Days of Summer. Sky Lounge allows you to make that fantasy come to life with its beautiful rooftop view and brilliant bar.

Jansz, Amsterdam

Declared one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam by Timeout magazine, Jansz offers modern classics that take an elegant yet simple approach to high end dining. The high-quality meats such as halibut, duck and veal are all available and are presented in a minimalistic, yet beautiful fashion. Volkert Jansz, the Dutch craftsman the restaurant is inspired by believed that decadence and luxury is better when shared. So, share this decadent yet luxury experience with your loved one.

Kansas Smitty’s, London

Do you remember the bar that Kray Twins owned in the Tom Hardy movie Legend? Well, this has that 1960s feel to it with its mellow live Jazz band and snug Vintage setting. Its another small and intimate venue as it only has a capacity of 40. Kansas Smitty will channel your inner gangster with its thematic atmosphere.

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