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The VIP Story: How We Came To Be

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Having been established in Leicester for over four years, we thought it would be a good idea to sit down with the masterminds behind the VIP Bottles brand to get an insight into what it takes to build one from scratch.

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Can you tell us your names, ages and a quirky fact

H: I’m Harvey, 29, and I used to play semi-professional cricket.

P: I’m Patrick, 29, and I am a traveller

First things first, if we met you at the bar, what will you be drinking?

H: Espresso Martini.

P: Glenfiddich 15 yo, on the rocks.

Sometimes we have great thoughts in the shower, but when did the idea of VIP first come to mind?

H: I think it was 2014 and Patrick and I were in the gym. It was probably during our bench press when we thought, ‘alcohol?’

That’s brilliant, but when were you able to take it from just a thought to an actual business?

H: It was Christmas that same year. We decided, sort of off the cuff, to buy a large quantity of Ciroc Pineapple. We managed to get through that stock really quickly and soon it was clear that we were on to something.

It is always good to have a test beforehand. What do you think has been the hardest part so far?

H: Keeping up with the fast-paced growth of the business. I would say it has taken us by surprise and we have had to react quickly. The retail environment is constantly fast-paced and you have to be ready for it.

P: Also continuing to grow the brand is tough in a retail climate challenging as the one we have right now in the UK. We are trying to differentiate and really show off VIP’s USPs the best we can and continue to reward our loyal customers.

What’s the best thing about running VIP?

P: Get to try multiple different drinks, sometimes before they even hit the market.

Who would be your ultimate dinner party guest and why?

H: Has to be Dwayne Johnson. He is currently working on his own Tequila range, which is a big passion of his. I think we would be able to have some great conversations about our shared passions from drink to working out and even a bit of WWE.

What would you say makes VIP unique?

H: The range of drinks we have on offer, as well as our 5-star customer service. We pride ourselves on selling some of the most exclusive bottles in the UK.

You currently have a local presence in Leicester, as well as the online store, what made you want a brick & mortar place in your hometown?

H: It is where we are from and we wanted to offer the customers in Leicester a taste of the finest spirits in the world at their doorstep.

Where do you see VIP in 5 years?

H: I see us growing outside of the UK and becoming a recognised brand across Europe. It will be challenging but we are looking forward to growing our brand into these new markets.

P: We want to keep one thing consistent throughout and that is the personalised experience every VIP customer gets.

Perfect, now we thought we would put some of the most important questions to the test with you both and hopefully our readers also agree with your choices.

Leicester Foxes or Leicester Tigers?

H: Foxes

P: Foxes

Jameson or Proper Twelve?

H: Jameson

P: Jameson

PS4 or Xbox?

H: PS4

P: Xbox

Rolls Royce or Bentley?

H: Bentley

P: Rolls Royce

Bali or Vegas?

H: Bali

P: Vegas

Blazer or Tracksuit?

H: Blazer

P: Tracksuit

Nike or Adidas?

H: Nike (sorry Yeezy)

P: Nike

UK Rap or US Rap?



Summer or Winter?

H: Summer (in February)

P: Summer too

Old Drake or New Drake?

H: Old Drake

P: New Drake takes the crown

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