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The Best Gins To See You Through Dry Ginuary

We’re well on our way through Dry Ginuary 2019 but we thought you might need a hand to keep your spirits up and see you to the end of the month. From unique flavoured gins to the best dry gins, you can explore our full range here

Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 is a curious gin that combines exotic traditions from all around the world. A truly delightful combination of 47 botanical ingredients and brewed to a 47% alcohol percentage, this dry gin is to be admired and is a gin your taste buds will surely enjoy.

Mix with: Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, orange bitters and ice.

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Persian Blue Gin

Unique and enticing, our Persian Blue Gin is a must-try. Whilst containing traditional botanicals, including juniper, this gin boasts a marshmallow root that brings out a wonderful fruity sweetness. The vibrant blue is guaranteed to be a showstopper in your glass and on the shelf.

Mix with: Light tonic water, plenty of ice and a curl of lemon peel to a martini glass.

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Seagram’s Pineapple Twisted Gin

This Seagram’s gin infuses the sharp flavour of pineapple with the classic mix of botanicals to make a tropical intense gin that is mouth-wateringly delicious. A commitment to make every drop as sensational as the first, this gin is masterfully crafted with a fine balance of botanicals, juniper berries, sweet and zesty oranges, coriander and angelica to give us an incredible Seagram’s base gin that is enticing and addictive.

Mix with: Simple syrup, lime juice, soda water and a cherry to garnish.

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Thomas Dakin Gin

Winner of a variety of gin awards around the world, this proudly northern gin was first made in Warrington and is a delicious juniper-led spirit with a savoury, spicy twist. Notes of sweet orange and citrus are enlivened by an infusion of horseradish, which gives this gin its distinctive character.

Mix with: Sweet red vermouth, Campari and garnish with an orange peel.

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St. Giles Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

Created using over 20kg of fresh, local fruit and utilising a unique production process, this St Giles gin combines distillation of rhubarb and an infusion of raspberries, giving this beautifully refreshing gin an intense depth of fruity flavour. Create your own slice of summer with St Giles’ Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger gin this winter.

Mix with: Dry vermouth and a strawberry to garnish.

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