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The Best 5 Valentine’s Gifts That Will Spoil Her

Alright, gents (and ladies),

Valentine’s Day is not that far away and you already know that you need to be on your a-game when it comes to buying a present, even if you have agreed to ‘not get each other anything’, trust us, she is definitely expecting something to wow her.

Fear not, for the VIP gurus have spoken and put together a list of our top 5 gifts for her this Valentine’s Day from our very own shelves.

Get scrolling and you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift.


  1. Bakewell (Cherry & Almond) Gin

 Valentine’s Day seems to bring the sweet tooth out of us all. Instead of being super cliché and opting for a box of Thornton’s, try sweetening things up a little differently with this Bakewell Gin.

Infused with fresh cherries and almonds this luscious spirit is a brilliant representation of the classic English dessert. A classic combination of fresh juniper berries and spring botanicals make Bakewell gins the unspoken treasures of English spirits.

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  1. Smirnoff Kissed Caramel
    Experience true loves to kiss with Smirnoff Kissed Caramel. Indulge her in one of our best-selling flavours that deliver subtle salt notes that intensifies and leaves a lingering caramel note on the palate.At its base Smirnoff is triple distilled giving it a supple clarity and clear smoothness, also meaning that it can mix perfectly into a number of cocktails and also epic beautiful cupcakes with just a few teaspoons.


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  1. Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose
  2. As featured in our cocktail of the month recipe, this champagne is Elegant and remarkable crisp, allowing a more natural infusion of its ingredients making each sip dance on your taste buds.

    With more than 200 years of masterful craftsmanship, this champagne is infused with a selection of the finest French grapes as Laurent Perrier is nothing less than delectable and delicious.


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  1. Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Rose

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like Moet & Chandon.

A champagne experience that brings together freshness and the spirit of summer. Imperial Rose delivers a taste sensation of vibrant fruity bouquets including red berries, cherries, cranberry and juicy nectarines. Spoil her this year with Moet & Chandon.

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  1. The Whole Malibu Range

Whether she is sweet, dreamy, fresh, fruit or sparkly; there is guaranteed to be a Malibu flavour for her.

With the coconut rum base brand branching out into some fantastic new creations such as Banana, Mango, Passionfruit and Sundae, here is your chance to bring a slice of summer to the dinner table next week. Explore the full range on site now.

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