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Summer needed something different: AU Fruit Punch

Close up of Gold AU Fruit Punch bottles with a branded AU Glass filled with a purple liqour.

Au has combined its award-winning recipe with natural fruit juices and flavours to create a unique tropical sensation. Au Fruit Punch’s exotic taste is perfect over ice or paired with lemonade, truly encapsulating the taste of summer.   

VIP Bottles’ best-selling brand, AU Vodka, releases its new flavour AU Fruit Punch.   

Combining its award-winning recipe and creative mixologists, AU Vodka has released a new flavour in time for this summer. The new AU Fruit Punch packs in natural fruit flavours to create a unique taste of the tropical climate.  

Endorsed by popular DJ Charlie Sloth, rappers Fredo and Mist, the brand has already taken the UK by storm with its standard edition and its Black Grape flavour.  

Perfect for your summer party or staycation, the brand recommends serving over ice or mixing with lemonade.  

The unique pink coloured vodka has already seen huge interest from vodka lovers globally and looks extremely classy in a vodka glass.  

The brand itself draws inspiration for its name from the periodic table incorporating the gold chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. Au is 5 times distilled and filtered through gold, creating one of the cleanest and smoothest spirits possible in the industry.  

Part of our Staycation range, AU Fruit Punch gives you the feel of a tropical island surrounded by nothing but palm trees and cool breezes right in the heart of your living room.   

Coming soon to VIP Bottles… 

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