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Summer Gin 

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Now that summer has officially begun, it is time to start choosing your drink of choice for the season. Brands have been releasing summer gins thick and fast in recent weeks and VIP Bottles has them all in stock so you can fill up your alcohol cabinet.

Scroll down for our top summer gin picks!

Kopparberg Passion & Orange

You thought this was a new cider, right? Think again. The German company has released an exquisite sweet-tasting gin to satisfy your palette.

Infused with botanicals of juniper, lemon zest and coriander, Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange Gin combines the tastes of passionfruit and orange to create a refreshingly light and citrusy serve.

Gordon’s Mediterranean Orange & Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon

Gordons are back with two new flavours, one Orange and one Lemon.

Gordon’s Mediterranean Orange Gin is inspired by its original 1929 recipe. This delicious gin boasts fresh and zesty Mediterranean Orange notes that perfectly compliment the refreshing juniper taste of Gordon’s. Perfect for those summer days, this is a gin best enjoyed with friends in the sun, a fitting nod to the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean.

Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin is a more classic take on its original recipe. The bottle packs a generous helping of vibrant lemon alongside the juniper-forward heart of the classic gin. Bursting with fruity freshness imparted by the Italian citrus, this tipple will certainly make for some tasty summer cocktails with a zesty twist.

Gordon's Mediterranean Orange & Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon

Pixie Tears

Where are our fairytale lovers at? This ones for you.

The same folks behind Unicorn Tears Gin have done the hard work for you and made this glittery, shimmery Pixie Tears Gin Liqueur, which tastes surprisingly like elderflower and cucumber.

The cute looking bottle boasts simplicity with a light green touch making it the perfect gift-giver or even a showpiece of your alcohol cabinet.

Pixie Tears Gin

Burleighs Pink Gin

Nothing says hot like Marilyn Monroe on the front of a bright pink Gin bottle.

Inspired by the Hollywood legend, this pretty pink gin is a delicate, floral delight.

A very special blend including Japanese cherry blossom, hibiscus, rose and pink grapefruit, the taste offers you a well-balanced palate of sweet hibiscus, cherry blossom and intense pink grapefruit zest.

Burleighs Pink Gin

Candyfloss Gin

Using cherry-picked botanicals in a careful extraction method, the result is a vibrant gin with an almighty taste which guarantees to leave an amazing aftertaste no matter how you drink it.

Something new and something different, My gin has created a gin that allows you to live summer all year round.

Made in small intrinsic batches to ensure premium standards and a shimmering finish of the highest quality. The gin is distilled in Britain for the whole world to savour and enjoy.

Candyfloss Gin

Looking for some recipe inspiration? Make our cocktail below and let us know how you got on


Elderflower and Cucumber Gin cocktail


  • 50ml Pixie Tears gin
  • 75ml Apple juice
  • 10ml Lime juice
  • Cucumber ribbons to serve


  • Shake all the ingredients except the cucumber with ice and strain into a tall glass filled with fresh ice.
  • Decorate with cucumber ribbons to serve.

(Yes, it’s that easy).

What gin are you drinking this summer? Explore our full range today.

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