August Product of the Month: Step up your game with Moët Ice

If you don’t celebrate getting through the week with some champagne, you’re missing out on the important aspects of general life. Typically considered a drink for special occasions, those who truly follow the ‘YOLO’ motto make sure that every day is a special occasion; in these circumstances, why not also incorporate life’s luxuries into your routine?

Moet Ice Imperial is a fruity concoction of mango, guava, nectarines and raspberries for mouth-watering flavour. A truly thirst-quenching drink that is a must-have for every occasion. The Audrey Hepburn of champagne promoting eternal elegance, class and style; Moet is known for its intensity and freshness. Get your bottle here. C’est la vie.

As an extra treat this August, we are giving you 10% off both our Moet Ice flavours when you use code: SUMMERICE at the checkout.

You are welcome in advance.

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