Shimmering Strawberry Candy Floss Gin

Roll up, roll up and be the first to try My Gins latest Shimmering Candy Floss gin that is bound to send you and your taste buds back to the circus, as it has certainly brought  the nostalgic flavours of candy floss out on us.

When reviewing a gin you tend to struggle with describing its character and flavour as gins don’t tend to have such defining factors, however recently we have been delighted by the sheer ‘dazzle’ this gin gives off.

For a start it is a bright pink gin that is mixed with shimmering, edible glitter that makes your cocktails sparkle which is not something you commonly see in gins. There is a slight bite towards the end of the gin as is common with all gins however this won’t stop you from taking a trip down memory lane with this spirit.

Christmas is the season for gins and yes we are sad to see the festivities over, but you are sure to get through January easy with a hint of nostalgic sweet treats and warmth with this marvellous pink gin. Nothing more needs to be said other than it is fantastic, and worthy of our product of the month status.

Be daring and try the whole My Gin selection and enjoy the delights this gin specialists have to offer!

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