September Product of the Month: Remy Martin V

Oozing a level of sophistication that most can only dream of attaining, Remy Martin V is the only thing standing between you and the cultivated, audacious person you are destined to be. Delicately distilled from French grapes, your tastebuds will never accept anything less than this perfectly infused eau-de-vie de vin – treating them to subtle fruity flavours of pears, melon and mint.

Born of legendary French vineyards, the grapes are distilled in the traditional manner using copper pot stills. The result is a uniquely refined spirit suitable for any occasion.

Distilled slowly in copper pot stills and always in small batches, Rémy Martin V’s distillation process unlocks the flavour of the grapes, releasing a sophisticated aroma and revealing Rémy Martin V’s unique taste.

 Ice-cold filtration refines Rémy Martin V’s exceptional smoothness and brilliant transparency.

Perfect for those who want more from life, Remy Martin V will give you the shot of adrenaline and exhilaration you never knew you could get. The range boasts its heritage, craftsmanship and exceptional quality; delivering nothing if perfection.

Get your hands on a bottle of Remy Martin V before it’s too late.

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