September Brand of the month: Bacardi

In 1862, the rule-breaking Bacardí family, led by Don Facundo Bacardí Masso, concocted their unique blends at a distillery in Santiago de Cuba. Their skills and knowledge led to a revolutionary rum-making process that would have a bigger and wider impact than they could have imagined.

Did you know that the family’s influencer goes right down the bottle we stock today? In Cuba, bats are considered lucky, so when Dona Amalia Bacardí spotted fruit bats in the distillery, she insisted that a bat should appear on every bottle.

Even though the trials and tribulations of civil war, revolution and being stripped of everything they own, the Bacardi family’s passion and pride for their rum meant that they continued the name and production well after their exile to the US.  

Fast forward to 2019 and the brand’s selections now cater to both the high-brows of society and the fruitcakes that live in the moment. No matter your preference or the lifestyle you lead, there will be a bottle of Bacardi with your name on it.

VIP is stocking the biggest range of the famed run, this side of the Atlantic. So do not be shy, come and find your perfect match here.

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