Roberto Cavalli Vodka

More known for his fashion designs, Roberto Cavalli also makes a fantastic Vodka. Ranging in flavours from coffee to mango, the Cavalli brand have succeeded effortlessly in creating what can only be described as a stylish vodka. VIP Bottles has exclusive Illuminate bottles when you select ‘add light’ on the product page. Limited quantities available on a first come first served basis.


Pair this with coconut water or your favourite lemonade and enjoy on a hot summers day! Seduce your senses with this luscious vodka.


This vodka is great for Pina Coladas or to be paired with tropical juices. The creamy, sweet vodka can also be drunk neatit’s that flavoursome.


Bringing fruit to fashion, this sweet and tasty flavoured vodka gives you a taste of premium and tropical at the same time.


The first flavoured iteration from the house of Roberto Cavalli, the new Roberto Cavalli Pineapple Vodka is the perfect luxurious summer drink.


Cavalli has infused melon into this vodka by softening and distilling the fruit in order to get the rich sweet taste of exploding melon come through in the tasting notes.

Acai Berry

Compared to summer berries and dark chocolate flavours, the smooth vodka offers plenty of flavours and tasting notes of infused berries.

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Similar to squeezing an orange, the process for this vodka is using essential oils from mature sweet oranges in order to pack this flavoured vodka full of citrus goodness in order to heighten your drinking experience.  

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An Abundance of Flavour

The Roberto Cavalli brand oozes nothing but class and excellence and it is not a different story for their flavoursome range of vodkas…

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VIP Answers Your Questions  

How does the bottle light up? 

The bottle has a switch attached to it at the bottom and you just press it to illuminate the bottle. 

What colour is the light? 

The light is a white LED light. 

 How many light settings are there? 

The light contains three setting, fast speed flashing light, medium speed flashing light, and continuous light. The settings are all controlled by one switch which you continuously keep pressing in order to reach your desired light setting.

How long does the light last? 

Depending on its usage the light can work for two – six hours on continuous illumination 

Does temperature effect the light? 

The light will not work if the bottle is put in the freezer. If the bottle is served on ice, the light will initially work but it will stop working after a while. 

Does the light come with the bottle? 

Yes, the light is an added feature to the bottle which you must select on the product page when purchasing the bottle

Where is best to place the illuminated bottle? 

For best results, place your bottle in a dark area and illuminate and watch it glow. It would also look great as a centre piece to your bottle collection.  

WARNING: If you suffer from epilepsy, then we would highly recommend that you do not purchase the bottle with the light add-on.