What is Remy Martin VSOP?

For a time we did say farewell to a classic and all-around legend to the cognac game that is Remy Martins VSOP. We were chocked up and struggling to hold back the tears with the news that Remy will no longer be making its VSOP cognac that we have grown to love and adore. Its bold character and liquorice-like palette made us all fall head over heels and I am sure we are not the only ones stocking pilling what is left of the old VSOP on the market.
But don’t worry we have some good news Remy Martin haven’t completely abandon the VSOP range as we have managed to bring back this elusive bottle into our selection.
The big question, Is this going to be another classic ‘hit and miss’ story or have Remy upped their game?
We are happy to announce it still retains that wonderful liquorice and ripe fruit taste and we can whole heartily say it holds further complexity whilst retaining its truly visionary and audacious character.
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