Low & No Spirits



One of the most exciting developments in the world of drinks, you can now enjoy the authentic taste of gin & other spirits in low-alcohol and alcohol-free options.

Low-alcohol gin is typically distilled in a very similar way to the original drink. First, a neutral grain spirit is mixed with a selection of botanicals – mainly juniper – to create a distinctive herby palate. This liquid is then gently heated to draw out flavours and remove its alcohol content.

As the alcohol is warmed, it evaporates from the body of the liquid. In standard alcoholic gin, these vapours are collected and reintroduced to the mix, whereas low-alcohol spirits keep only the residual liquid.

Some alcohol-free gin makers skip the distillation process, instead making the drink through maceration. Here, botanicals are simply added to a base liquid and left to soak for weeks or months to create an authentic taste and mouthfeel.

Low & no gin is the perfect way to savour the clean, citrusy flavours of this much-loved spirit without the strong alcohol content. Endlessly versatile and infused with that signature herbal taste, enjoy your gin in a classic G&T or a delicious gin mocktail.
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